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  • Delayne Martin

Lady of the Grapes

Updated: May 30, 2022

After our incredible charcuterie board and wine at Gordon’s Wine Bar we were off to our next stop. A short tube ride and walk across town and we found our next destination Lady of the Grapes wine bar and restaurant. It is located in the Covent Garden area. As with most eateries/bars there was outside seating, but we chose to sit inside. It is an intimate and cozy place. We sat at a table in the back and enjoyed the atmosphere with Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

We picked Lady of the Grapes as one of our stops because they focus on female winemakers and their wines are organic. As more and more females venture into the man dominated industry it was nice to visit a bar that sells many wines from female winemakers. All their wines are organic and use minimal intervention, which means little to no sulfites. They also serve French artisan fare with seasonal ingredients. The food looked and smelled amazing.

Having so many wines available can be overwhelming. To alleviate this problem the owners have a wine wall that lists wines and tasting notes to help guide you in your selection. If you still need help the staff is very knowledgeable about wines. I told them what I liked in a wine and their selection was spot on. It was a French style wine which I am not very familiar with. We spent a couple of hours enjoying great wine and relaxing.

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