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Cloer Family Vineyards

Cloer Family Vineyards is located in Apex, North Carolina. It is a family owned and operated vineyard and winery. Working the land is in the Cloer family’s blood. Tam Cloer, a second generation nursery owner, decided to try his hand at growing and making wine. In 2010 he expanded his family’s farm to include a winery. It wasn’t an overnight success. Tam’s wine making was a hobby at first, learning from a neighbor. In 1995 he began growing grapes. After 12 years of various setbacks he decided to uproot all his vines and start over. This time with guidance from North Carolina State University researchers he planted grapes that flourished. He and his wife, Pam, hosted picking parties that included friends and family. The family would host dinners and serve their wine and give bottles as gifts. The feedback was so positive regarding the quality of their wine they planned out their vision of a winery. Their plan is a success. They have created a beautiful winery that is perfect for a relaxing and comfortable place to enjoy a glass of wine.

Charles and I spend a Friday afternoon at Cloer. We each ordered a tasting of all their wines. We started with a Reisling that is a dry white with a hint of peach on the backend. Then we moved to Matador, an 18 month old American and French oak barrel aged white. Carlos can be enjoyed as a stand alone wine. It is an easy drinking wine. Our last wine was Noble, a semi-sweet that pairs well with pizza or chocolate. We purchased a bottle of the Matador and completed a self guided tour of the property. There are many areas to spread out on the property. A housing development sits adjacent to the grounds. We joked about how convenient it would be to live within walking distance to Cloer. There is a pond and even a children’s play area. We brought home a bottle of Reisling.

Just as the outside is a great setting to hold gatherings with family and friends, the tasting room is absolutely beautiful. Pam brought her NCSU event planning background to the operation. She organizes private events and wine and design parties. You can describe Pam as the “what you see”. The Cloer family is a Wolfpack family. Tam, Pam and their 2 daughters are NCSU alumni and students.

All their grapes are grown on their property or they outsource North Carolina grapes. They have created wines that are a result of years of dedication and patience.

Cloer Family Vineyards

8624 Castleberry Road | Apex, NC 27523

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