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Time to Travel Again: Food, Fitness & Fun

Updated: May 31, 2022

Over the years I have come up with a few things I do to stay fit while traveling. Charles and I have started traveling again now that life is getting back to the pre-pandemic normal. I love to travel, see new places, try new foods, and of course, visit new wineries.

Eating and drinking can wreak havoc on your fitness routine. I dread that guilty feeling upon returning home after several days of indulgences. It’s like I am starting all over. The cold hard fact is you can’t outrun or outwork your fork. For me, poor food choices are worse than not exercising. I prefer to pack my own protein powder and protein bars just to buffer snack urges between meals. Fortunately, a few days will not compromise your progress if you are only on a long weekend getaway. The key is to enjoy your travels and avoid feeling like emergency measures are needed to get back on track. Crash dieting and marathon gym sessions are never a good solution. Moderation is the best option once you get the chance to break away from the daily work routine. An occasional rest break may even be beneficial to your body. Personally, if I go longer than a few days without exercise, I begin to feel like a can of squishy biscuits.

If you are traveling by plane make sure you drink plenty of water before and throughout your flight. Pack an empty water bottle and once you are through security you can fill it up. Keep your water bottle with you throughout your vacation. Take your own snacks on a plane and resist the biscuits and pretzels. If you can take a nap on the plane to rest up for your adventures. Avoid the processed, prepared meal on the plane if you are on a longer flight. Yes, you might have already paid for it, but you will feel better in the long run. Take the opportunity to stretch your legs by walking to the restroom

If you are taking a road trip, don’t be in a hurry. Get out every hour or so and walk or sightsee. I tend to get the munchies when I travel by car. It’s hard, but I find if I don’t pack them I won’t be able to eat them. Stopping for gas is tempting to buy junk food. I try to walk around the parking lot instead of going in for a look. Try splitting a snack for a better option. I like to take a picnic lunch, but my family is all about eating out. We compromise and pick up a healthier option like subs. It’s all about making better choices.

Once you are at your destination take advantage of the exercise facilities available. Try to walk as much as possible. Utilize the fitness area a couple of times. We have a no-equipment workout that works great while on vacation

If you are on a road trip pack a couple of weights or jump rope. You can also download fitness apps on your phone that can offer you workouts. I am a lay around the pool kind of vacation person, but I need to work out for my mental health.

If I am going out for cocktails, appetizers, meals, and after-dinner drinks I plan ahead. I usually do a protein shake for lunch. I always take my 8Greens to stay on track. Click here to get yours. The tablets are easy to drop in water or a mixed drink. Sipping on wine or liquor is a better option than mixed drinks because they are loaded with sugar and calories. I drink a glass of water between each drink and with my meal. I do this for two reasons. It forces me to eat slower and I get that full feeling much faster. Also, I tend not to overeat when I am hydrated. If I know I am going to try a dessert cocktail then I skip dessert after the meal. When we visit amusement parks I check the water bottle policy. If the park doesn't allow outside bottled water, buy one bottle and refill it throughout the day. Dehydration can ruin a great day.

One final tip! Enjoy your adventure whether you are relaxing by the water, exploring a new city, or hiking. Eat and drink in moderation. Don’t beat yourself up if you indulge in the local cuisine. Life is meant to be enjoyed and with a little planning, you can stay on track with your eating and fitness choices while traveling.

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