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Spread Some Christmas Cheer

Updated: May 31, 2022

Everyone can use a little Christmas cheer. Spreading joy and goodwill doesn’t have to cost anything at all. It’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives and forget about the people around us. Challenge yourself or encourage your family to engage with the community by promoting positivity.

Below are our suggestions for spreading cheer during the holiday season and all year long.

  • Play holiday music, in the car, at home, and at work.

  • Make cookies and take them to work or social clubs. Take a look at our new recipes!

  • Take time to be grateful for your blessings and share those with your community.

  • Look for opportunities to donate unwanted items to local charities. Animal shelters can always use old blankets and towels or donate books to a free library.

  • Check-in with your neighbors, especially the elderly. A simple hello can make someone’s day.

  • Exercise your holiday kindness by leaving a generous tip when you are dining out.

  • Check with local restaurants and pre-pay a meal for someone in need.

  • Take home-baked goodies to your local American Legion Hut.

This holiday season people will be out and about more than last year. Let’s be safe and gracious to everyone we meet. A kind word or simple gesture can go a long way.

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