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Repurposed Wine Bottles Galore!

We have had a great time visiting wineries and trying new wines. Our collection of empty wine bottles is a by-product of our new hobby. At first, we recycled them all, but we wanted somehow to repurpose them for our own use or give them as gifts. For easy steps to remove the label check out our video.

Here are our favorites ways to repurpose empty wine bottles or any glass bottles.

Once the label is removed a simple way to turn an ordinary bottle into a personal gift is to stick adhesive letters onto the bottle and insert fairy lights.

Liquor bottles can have many facets and create a magical glow primarily when you use multi-colored fairy lights.

Turn a clear bottle into a festive vase with acrylic paints. Place painter's tape where you want the clear bottle to show up and paint away.

One thing to keep in mind is due to the height of the bottle; typically you need to use long-stemmed flowers.

Turn an ordinary lampshade into a light that stands out. This is a more labor-intensive project. Start with a wine bottle that has a wine base. The light kit will give you directions on how to drill a hole. This takes some practice. I shattered multiple bottles before I finally had one I could use. Personally, I would not waste time taking the label off before drilling a hole. If you want the label off do it after you have a hole and before you thread the light through.

Another project using adhesive letters creates a personalized watering supply. After removing the label and attaching the letter(s), turn the bottle upside down to apply the letter. This bottle has been outside for several years and still looks new. If you want water to drain slower you can drill a hole in the cork and place it back in the bottle.

This is an easy lamp idea. I kept the label on this liquor bottle. Fill the bottle with clean lamp oil and allow the wick to soak. One tricky thing with the wicks is getting a good fit with so many different sizes to bottles. We took low gauge wire and made it more secure.

Take a clipping from a plant that grows well in water and create your own hydro-garden in any room in your house. Simply fill a glass bottle with water or create a vase from a wine bottle. I used a bottle cutter to create another version of a similar craft.

Cutting glass takes a little practice. We recommend removing labels after you cut. Some bottles are beautiful just the way they are.

The possibilities are endless for what you can create with glass bottles. Whether you keep the label on or remove it, the simple accent affords you the opportunity to spruce up a space with minimal investment. Sometimes you come across a decorated bottle and a simple plant clipping or fresh flowers gives new life to an otherwise insignificant piece.

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