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Rag Apple Lassie Vineyards

Updated: May 31, 2022

Welcome, 2022! We are experimenting with a different format for our January blogs. We want to offer our readers a more in-depth look at different North Carolina wineries. Each winery offers its own unique atmosphere and style of wine. Our winery adventures and more than tasting new wines. We strive to soak up the local flavors and embrace the experience of each region while enjoying time with our family and friends. just about tasting a new wine. Our first winery highlight for 2022 is Rag Apple Lassie Winery in Booneville.

What do you do when your Plan A stalls and you want to keep your family farm intact for future generations? You develop a Plan B. Frank Hobson and his wife, Lenna, could see the potential of their family farm and took the plunge into growing grapes when faced with the demise of the tobacco industry. Luckily for wine drinkers, Plan B became RagApple Lassie Winery. Check out their story on the Rag Apple Lassie Vineyards website.

Our visit to RagApple began with a tour by their grandson, Tanner. The winery was designed to look like typical farm buildings complete with a silo. The downstairs houses the tasting room and bottling facilities. The silo contains a winding staircase leading to a catwalk where RagApple’s history is depicted in precious family photos.

We visited RagApple Lassie one Sunday in the early fall. The tasting hosts, Andrew and Hannah, were friendly and knowledgeable. The tasting room is spacious and includes a great photo spot with a colorful cow. They also have a big screen TV so you never have to miss the big game.

RagApple offers one of the more affordable tastings which includes all of their bottled wines. Tastings are $12 without a souvenir glass or $17 with a souvenir glass. My favorite is the Viognier, a very crisp dry white with a touch of melon. Charles enjoyed the Kaleidoscope Red, a blend that is smooth and dry. The Boonville Blanc is a semi-sweet white that will bridge the gap for both dry and sweet lovers.

I am always looking for unique things to purchase and ideas on how to use wine bottles and corks. Rag Apple Lassie’s bottles are simply adorable. The Rag Apple Lassie logo is whimsical and unique. I normally heat the labels off when repurposing wine bottles, but the bottles are perfect the just way they are. They have a quaint selection of cork crafts, wine bottle art, Adirondack furniture, and wreaths from local artisans.

We took a picnic lunch and enjoyed our tasting inside. There is an abundance of tables and space to spread out, yet the atmosphere is intimate. We eventually moved outside to the patio to enjoy the beautiful Yadkin Valley views.

Rag Apple Lassie is a pet-friendly and kid-friendly venue with a spacious yard and a large sandbox. Yes, a sandbox! Bring your own chairs, and blankets or take advantage of the outdoor patio while your fur babies and youngsters soak up a bit of fresh country air.

Rag Apple Lassie Vineyard is a classic example of southern charm. Though we don’t normally join wine clubs, this one is packed with club perks with no strings attached. Rag Apple Lassie has no minimum monthly purchase, various discounts, a free glass of wine with each visit, and they offer a free wine club members dinner event in the winter.

Rag Apple Lassie owners offer a winery experience that is casual and perfect for friends to meet, reconnect, or celebrate life’s moments. Many wineries have limited winter hours, so call or check the website as you plan your next outing.

Be sure to tell them Delayne and Kelly sent you!

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