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National Dog Rescue Day

Updated: May 31, 2022

Today is National Rescue Dog Day! What better way to celebrate than to introduce you to our rescue dogs: DJ and Elliot. Some folks pride themselves on having a purebred dog, but local animal shelters have an abundance of animals just longing for a family.

I grew up in a home that always had dogs. Our home seemed to be a beacon for stray dogs. DJ has been a part of our family for almost 10 years. After our family's Jack Russell, Sir Lancelot passed away, we went “to look” at Friends for Animals in Morganton. I should have known we would be leaving with a new pet.

Coincidentally, we did not choose DJ. He picked my son Graham and they immediately bonded.

We paid a nominal fee, but DJ had already been neutered and had all of his vaccinations. Most shelters will help with these initial expenses.

DJ may not be a purebred dog, but he has enough terrier in him that he gets himself into trouble at times. We live near a lot of woods and I was worried about him being outside during the day. I was determined to train DJ to be an inside dog. That lasted about 3 days. He had too much energy and ambition for the inside, so he became an outdoor dog. Ultimately, everyone was much happier.

DJ loves chasing squirrels, but he has yet to caught one. DJ will never be accused of being a guard dog. Anyone can walk right into our house with a single treat or rub. He loves water, mud, and getting wet. Much to my demise, his white coat is a nice shade of orange. He has slowed down with age, but then again, who hasn't? DJ is no fan of cold winter days, and going outdoors to do his "business" is an unwelcome chore.

DJ is a self-proclaimed snake hunter who enjoys the warmer months outside with my father-in-law. Though most of us were disgusted by his accomplishment, DJ's claim to fame is pulling a snake in half that had wrapped itself around a rock.

Meet Kelly's girl, Elliot! Let's set the scene back in 2014. My son Andrew was at basketball practice and I was walking with a friend. Elliot happened upon our path and she immediately started following alongside us. Elliot would get hit by a passing car if I didn’t intervene because I work beside a very busy highway. I reluctantly agreed to take her home under the guise that I would post her photo on social media until her rightful owner saw Elliot’s photo. Of course, Andrew quickly says, “Mom, let’s keep her.”

The weather forecast predicted record low overnight temperatures. My gut wrenched with guilt as I loaded this beautiful stray into my Jeep. The cute pink collar reassured me that she would soon be reunited with her family. Let me be clear. The word "loaded" suggests some effort on my part. There was no effort or loading involved. Elliot jumped effortlessly into the Jeep and hasn’t looked back.

Yes, Elliot is a girl. Andrew is a huge fan of the sitcom Scrubs and her namesake is Dr. Elliot Reid. The blonde doctor suddenly found her way into our hearts. Keep in mind this “free” dog chewed her way through hundreds of dollars worth of everything including the lawn mower seat. Without remorse, Elliot has become my loyal companion, exercise buddy, and travel partner.

DJ & Elliot bring so much love into our families that we felt compelled to share our stories. Please consider adopting a pet from the local shelter before paying big bucks for your next furry friend.

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