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  • Delayne Martin

Sweets to Savory: Hosting the Perfect Brunch

Updated: May 31, 2022

Sweet and savory is a delicate balance., The sweet side of brunch can be as complex as we choose to make it. These simple recipe ideas will elevate your status to parallel the most seasoned pastry chef. It is finally time to delve into the sweet side of brunch. Remember, we are striving to strike a balance! Pastries are quite simply the most versatile option you could imagine. Our crowd favorite is the classic cinnamon roll. What's not to love? Warm gooey cinnamon goodness smothered with delicious frosting is a perfect companion to a nice strong cup of coffee, a tall glass of mimosa, or a simple glass of milk. Make these ahead of time and your basic brunch will skyrocket to a celebration your tastebuds will applaud. Make-ahead means the alarm clock will get a couple of snoozes on the most extravagant of brunches. Some might call it sleeping in, others may say time-efficient. Call it what you want, but the ability to pop a delicious pastry into the oven for a quick warm-up only means less stress for the perfect brunch. Check out our recipes and slather on some tasty frosting!

For the record, a great local bakery is NOT cheating. Some folks pride themselves on making everything from scratch. We choose to focus on a balance between preparation, delicious food, and enjoying the event. Frozen bread dough is an acceptable shortcut to fabulous cinnamon rolls, stuffed pastry, or a danish.

We also like Apple or Cherry Danishes as our sweet dishes. Our no-fuss recipe uses store-bought shortcuts to make your brunch less stressful. Use any pie filling to add some time-saving variety to the menu without breaking the brunch bank. Be creative when you browse the pie-fillings. Pumpkin, blueberry, strawberry, or a basic cream cheese filling are all acceptable options. Only you know your guests the best.

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