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How to Host the Perfect Brunch: Fruit

Updated: May 31, 2022

Fruity fruit! This week is all about the fruit! Fruit pizza. Fruit salad. Fruit tray. Fruit parfait. Fruit adds color, flavor, and fun to any brunch menu. The choices are endless and definitely vary with the season. Fresh fruit from a local farmer's market or produce stand will add a pop of color to your table and ramp up the flavor with almost no hassle. Worst case scenario is a bag of frozen fruit layered with plain yogurt and topped with granola. A simple glass bowl with fresh fruit gives a dramatic color effect to any table.

Surround your fruit bowl with tea lights or flameless candles to give the mid-morning a touch of ambiance. Parfaits can be served in wine glasses or champagne flutes to spruce up your place settings. Angel cake and pound cake cut into cubes are a fresh variation to the typical granola layer. Drizzle some dark chocolate or white chocolate as an added treat to your fruit presentations.

Let's talk a little about centerpieces. I prefer to use things I already have in storage. My absolute favorite life hack is to gather fresh flowers from the garden. Centerpieces never need to be elaborate. A simple flower placed in a serving dish is both economical and elegant.

Potted plants also create a unique touch to your event. Peonies, azaleas, and hydrangeas give any table that classic southern charm associated with brunch.

Flowers in full bloom are easily complimented with those buds on the brink of bursting into full view. Be willing to create interest by layering greenery such as ferns, ivy, and philodendrons to your decor. Literally, anything can be used to display flowers. Mason jars, wine bottles, or galvanized buckets provide a simple solution to display your favorite florals. Complete the centerpiece and place settings with additional fairy lights and flameless tealights.

Sneak peek at the weeks ahead... Every guest loves a party favor! We will share some simple and fun ways to thank your guests for sharing a special occasion with you.

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