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Christmas Morning Casseroles

Updated: May 31, 2022

Christmas morning for our family is intimate and low-key. After getting in late from Christmas Eve we sleep until we get up. I am usually the first one up and I pop a breakfast casserole into the oven. I then pour myself a cup of coffee and enjoy the stillness that comes with being the only one up. I turn on the Christmas tree and relax until everyone gets up. I use make-ahead breakfast dishes so I can spend more time with my family and less time getting breakfast together. Our Christmas Eve is busy so any casserole I make is made 2 days before Christmas morning. Below are a few of our favorite make-ahead breakfast casseroles.

A decadent twist on the classic sandwich. With this dish, you can switch the raspberry preserves with your favorite. The savory flavor of the mustard complements the sweet flavor of the preserves.

The classic is so easy to make. I used sausage crumbles, but you can easily use ham. That's the beauty of this dish. You can customize the ingredients to suit your family's tastes.

This is a favorite in our house. We also have this for dinner paired with plant-based sausage or turkey bacon.

As more people look to eat healthily, this dish fits the bill. You can use a ground plant-based option. Cook it yourself or use frozen crumbles. Another option is to use diced plant-based sausage. I used real cheese and eggs, but if you want to make a vegan-friendly dish, you have that option as well.

This dish is a delicious way to get your spinach. It calls for croissants and I used multi-grain croissants. You could easily switch out for your bread of choice.

Don't wait until Christmas to try out these casseroles. They are great for weekend outings, family gatherings, and brunch. We hope you enjoy these recipes throughout the year. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter whenever you serve your more balanced life adventures!

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