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Christmas Cookie Exchange

Updated: May 31, 2022

Once December rolls around I find myself busy with shopping for/wrapping presents, trips to the grocery store, decorating, and baking. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cookies. No one has the time to make many different types of cookies.

One way to keep your baking simple and enjoy a variety of homemade cookies is to host a Christmas Cookie Exchange. It doesn’t have to be a hassle. Grab a few or several friends and enjoy an afternoon of cookie sampling. We have a few tips to make it less stressful.

  1. Decide on the number of guests (a minimum of 6 cookies/person). The more people you include the more cookies you are baking. Next, decide on the time and date. Typically weekends work better, but it can be a weekday if that works better for your guests. You can meet me at a coffee shop after work. Don’t worry about formal invitations. Email or text works great and it’s an easy way for your guests to know what everyone is baking and you don’t have more than one type of cookie.

  2. Give your guests 3-4 weeks' notice of the details. Decide how you want cookies packaged to give away. Also, you want to have extra for everyone to sample. Everyone needs to bring copies of their cookie recipe. If you are an overachiever you can put all the recipes into a book and give them to guests on the day of the exchange. A less hectic idea is just to have everyone bring recipes to the party or attach to the cookies.

  3. If you choose to have the exchange at your home it involves a little more planning. I like to offer coffee or hot tea. You may also want to offer a savory appetizer. If you choose to meet at a coffee shop, take the owners a sampling as well. Meeting at a coffee shop relieves you of having drinks and everyone can purchase their own refreshment.

  4. About 4 days before the exchange, start baking your cookies. Put it on your calendar. Pick cookies that are simple, sturdy, and crunchy. Recipes that have been handed down in your family are always a good choice unless they are a secret family recipe. Your cookies don't have to be elaborate. Keep it simple. Once cookies are made, store them in an airtight container until you are ready to put them in your giveaway containers or bags. I like containers better than bags to keep cookies from being crushed and I find them easier to transport.

  5. Once you gather with friends it’s time to enjoy your cookies. Having your guests bring extra to share you get to take home the packaged cookies. You can then share cookies with your family or give them as a gift.

Kelly and I hope you enjoyed the first of our cookie recipes. Every Monday in November will be posting a cookie recipe. We would love to see pictures of your cookie exchange.

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