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A Winery in Spindale? Why yes there is! My Sweet Love Winery

Recently we visited a brand new winery in Spindale, North Carolina. My Sweet Love Winery is owned and operated by Jamie and Tracy Guillermo. They have lots of experience traveling to wineries in the eastern United States and Canada. They appreciate great wine and wineries. As they visited different wineries they developed the idea of creating their own vineyard. Dreaming about owning your own vineyard is the easy part. Vineyards don’t just happen. There is a lot of hard work and sacrifice that happens before a tasting room ever opens. Two owners couldn't be more willing to sit down with us and tell us about their journey.

We went on a lazy Sunday afternoon and sat outside under their covered patio and enjoyed a wine tasting. We took our lunch. They also offer wine slushies that are perfect for the hot summer days.

They have 2 estate wines that are fermenting right now. Currently for purchase they offer red and fruit wines. As I have said before, I like boutique style wineries. I enjoy hearing about the story of how people go from enjoying wine to having their own vineyard. While we were enjoying our wine Jamie took the time to sit down with us and talk about wine and vineyards. He told us the story of how they bought the property with only a farmhouse and shed. After hard work from family and friends the land was cleared and they planted their own vines. As with any great venture not everything went according to plan. Some of the vines didn’t produce and they had to replant. Also Jamie is particular that his wine is the finest he can produce so there is no rushing wine to the bottling stage. Charles liked their Petit Verdot and bought a few bottles home.

The winery offers beautiful views for a wedding or celebration. Their son and daughter in law had the first wedding held at My Sweet Love in 2016. From planting to gaining the appropriate permits they were able to have their grand opening last summer. The tasting room is located in the farm house that came with the property. It can best be described as rustic charm. Jamie gave us a tour of his bottling facilities that they have quickly outgrown. I look forward to visiting again to see the many changes that are coming for this up and coming winery. The owners are gracious and love to talk about wine. They are patient and will take the time to answer all your questions. Be sure to check their website

for food and events.

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